It’s best to have a dream
when pondering by yourself in bed
all sorts of scenarios inside your head,
completely unlikely and impossible too,
for age has at last – sadly, unfortunately –
got the better of you.

But still, it’s best to have a dream –
to wander off, unfettered by age
or any infirmity, just get out of this cage
that hampers your body but not your mind.
It’s best to have a dream –
places and people that once you knew
can have different aspects, once you review
your vision of lives you’ve encounters and places you’ve been.
They need not restrict your life if you’re keen
to follow adventures and nature and stories
on the small silver screen. Just be selective – marvel at sights and situations galore
where it wasn’t possible for you to open the door in your active life. Just be selective:
it’s vital to have a dream.

May 2023