About Fran

Hello! I’m Fran

Fran Parsons is a lively, no nonsense 90-something who produces inspired rhymes.

She shies away from calling herself a poet, or her work poetry, as she feels it would be wrong to put herself in the same league as the greats. Fran has a keen sense of observation and a sharp wit, as well as a well-rounded command of the English language. She looks at modern life with a mix of bewilderment, amusement and amazement, as only someone who has reached her stage of life can. All of that adds up to rhymes that may be observations on daily life with a sting in the tail, or of the natural world. Some are whimsy, some will make you laugh out loud; others are deeper and more poignant: even they will make you smile.

Fran writes for pleasure, not for profit. All net profits from the sales of her books are donated to small, local charities. In this way, she hopes, a wide audience will have the opportunity to enjoy her rhymes, and at the same time she can support those causes close to her heart.

 Fran was born in London in the 1930s and was always, according to her mother, a silent rebel. Now that she has reached her 90s, she feels totally free to voice her opinions on anything and everything she sees around her.

By her own admission, she had led a very colourful life: nowadays that is reflected in her cheeky raspberry-coloured hair, even if the pace of life has slowed somewhat. In her youth she excelled at sport, especially tennis and golf, both of which she enjoyed to the full for the many years she lived in the Algarve in southern Portugal. Her children and grandchildren help to keep her young and active and are delighted to have a “Rhymster” in the family!


These little books of rhymes make perfect gifts for older friends and relatives who remember “the good old days”: seasonal stocking fillers, a simple “thank you” or “thinking of you” for parents or grandparents.


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